Top 10 MBA Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Doing an MBA program in Canada is always preferred in Canada by students in other countries, for Canada’s education cost is lower than the US MBA Programs.

With that being said, there are MBA scholarships in Canada that interested international and domestic students can apply for.

This article will bring a detailed post regarding all the top 10 MBA scholarships in Canada that you can apply for to help you support and reduce your financial expenses.

So if you plan to study MBA in Canada, you can choose from a wide range of fully-funded and university scholarships that can help you cover your tuition fees.

Details On MBA Scholarship 

Canada has long been among international MBA students’ top study destinations. Most MBA aspiring students simply don’t have the cash to fund their studies on their own, which means graduate student loans are in the cards for most MBA students.

However, free money for your MBA is available through the much sought-after, yet somewhat elusive, MBA scholarship, and they will be highlighted below as you read further.

There are two types of MBA  scholarships that students can apply for, which includes

  1. Merit-based money offered as a result of the MBA application – Schools awards the vast majority of scholarships based on your original MBA application. These awards do not require you to submit any additional application materials. Instead, schools offer this money to applicants they are trying to attract—often enticing them away from other schools.
  2. Students apply for scholarships directly – These scholarships generally target specific candidates based on industry, ethnicity, gender, etc. A separate application is required for each of these scholarships, and specific criteria apply.

The Top 10 MBA Scholarships in Canada


1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program

Students in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels can apply for a merit-based scholarship through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program.

Awards are available to graduate students for all disciplines of academic study at participating schools in Ontario.

OGS awards are based on the number of terms of your consecutive studies within an academic year:

  • $10,000 for two consecutive study terms
  • $15,000 for three consecutive study terms

Each OGS award is issued for:

  • a minimum of 1 academic year (2 or 3 consecutive academic terms)
  • a maximum of 2 years (up to 6 consecutive academic terms).


  • Be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person under subsection 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) by the student deadline as determined by each graduate unit;
  • International students who are studying or plan to study at the University of Toronto under a temporary resident visa (student study permit) are eligible for a set number of OGS awards (valid study permits must be effective as of the graduate units’ OGS international application deadline);
  • Be registered or intend to register in an eligible program on a full-time basis in 2022-2023;
  • ​Have achieved at least an A- (or equivalent) in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent); or if the student has completed two years or more of graduate studies at the time of application, the student must only demonstrate an overall average of at least A- (or equivalent) on all graduate courses completed.

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2. Rotman School of Management Scholarships.

The Rotman School’s Full-Time, Morning MBA, Evening MBA, and Master of Finance programs are considered full-time, eligible programs.

An Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) at the Rotman School of Management is held for one year and is valued at $10,000 to $15,000 per year, thanks to the generous support of donors.

They invest in students by providing over $ 1 million in award funding and financing through various options.

The Rotman School is invested in attracting strong candidates. You will be automatically considered for entrance awards with your Morning or Evening MBA application. Awards are given to eligible candidates on a first-come, first-served basis.

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3. Ted Rogers School of Management MBA Scholarships

They recognize that pursuing an MBA is a significant financial investment and want to help ensure you are able to focus on your studies and research while pursuing your Ted Rogers MBA.

Several funding packages – internal and external – are available to Ted Rogers MBA students.

Thanks to a $15 million donation from Ted and Loretta Rogers, each year, the Ted Rogers School of Management issues a total of 24 Graduate Entrance Scholarships and Awards worth up to $20,000 each.

The Ted Rogers Graduate Entrance Scholarship criteria are based solely on demonstrated academic excellence. This scholarship is open to full-time and part-time domestic applicants and full-time international applicants.

4. Alberta MBA Scholarships

The Alberta University offers Fully Funded Master’s Scholarships and Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada. The University of Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university offering Scholarships in 2022.

The Alberta MBA program makes every effort to ensure that academically strong students and those in need receive financial support. Most full-time students admitted to the MBA program receive financial support every year. Last year, over $1 million was available to MBA students through entrance awards, scholarships, and bursaries.

MBA scholarships are competitive. There are currently over 400 MBA students at the University of Alberta, with only a limited number of scholarships available. The mandate of the MBA Scholarship Committee is to ensure scholarships are awarded to students who best meet the criteria of the particular scholarship as outlined by the donor or sponsor.

5. University Of Waterloo MBA Scholarships

The University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship, generally valued at $1,000 per term for up to three terms, is awarded to graduate students registered full-time in a Master’s or Doctoral program at the University of Waterloo.

Eligible students must have a minimum first-class (80%) cumulative average in their current program or over the last two full-time academic years and be within the time limits of their graduate program.

No application is required; graduate departments will nominate eligible students automatically based on their allocation of funds.

Who can apply – Canadian/Permanent resident, International/study permit student

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6. Ivey MBA Scholarships

Ivey MBA Scholarships are available for both international and domestic students to help further their MBA degrees.

Approximately 80% of their incoming students (both domestic and international) receive an admission scholarship, ranging from $10,000 to $65,000.

To be considered for an admissions award, applicants must complete the Scholarships section within the online MBA admission application. Successful applicants will be notified of their admissions offer before starting the program.

All Ivey MBA applicants will be considered holistically. The MBA admissions process considers academic performance, community contribution, career ambitions, personal motivation, and leadership orientation.

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7. Sauder School of Business MBA Scholarship

Sauder School of Business MBA Scholarships offers MBA scholarships, financial aid, and support for students to further in different programs.

To qualify for the following scholarships, you will need to meet the merit requirements and apply by the UBC MBA application deadlines.

Under Sauder School of Business, they have the following scholarships;

  • Asia Top Talent MBA Scholarships
  • South & Latin America Top Talent MBA Scholarships
  • Europe Top Talent MBA Scholarships
  • The Middle East & Africa Top Talent MBA Scholarships
  • Canada Top Talent Scholarships

8. Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships.

Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance scholarship has been long proven popular with students and is ranked the top better world MBA.

More than $650k was awarded to Haskayne MBA students last year. A wide array of entrance and continuing awards are available to Daytime MBA students, including several opportunities.

9. Smith School of Business – Queens University.

Smith School of Business Scholarship is awarded to Smith Full-time MBA students who have demonstrated strong academic skills and leadership in the LGBT+ community.

Each Fellow receives a minimum $20,000 scholarship and access to exclusive leadership programming, including an all-expenses-paid retreat.

There are a limited number of fellowships awarded per MBA class; hence proceed to apply now!

10. HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships

The HEC Montréal Foundation enables the School to award hundreds of scholarships annually, thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors.

There are MBA Scholarships for students, and if you wish to further your career, go ahead and apply now!

How To Apply 

  • To apply, kindly refer to any of the interested scholarship links and apply.
  • Ensure to provide all the required information

Conclusion On Top 10 MBA Scholarships In Canada

Getting your MBA requires a significant financial investment. Yearly tuition and expenses can range from $20,000 to over $200,000 but don’t let sticker shock hold you back from applying.

The Top 10 listed MBA Scholarships above will definitely bring that cost down and make an MBA degree much more affordable.

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